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Since its founding in 1969, Westchester Publishing Services has achieved growth each year despite the constant change in the publishing industry. This success is due, in large part, to the company’s strong reputation as a trusted partner and its business savvy in continually adapting to provide clients with the services they need in a changing marketplace.

There are few companies in the U.S. that provide the services offered by Westchester Publishing Services. Westchester offers everything from project management and editorial services to composition, design, XML and journal workflows – all delivered at a high level of quality with fidelity to schedule and budget.

Many of the companies that provide these services are located internationally. Recognizing the efficiencies to be gained from this approach, in 2001 Westchester began collaborating with Antares Publishing Services, a Chennai, India-based production facility for composition servicesTogether, the companies developed a successful formula based on a shared view of the importance of quality, timeliness, and process efficiency. In 2008, Westchester purchased Antares to cement the company’s ability to exceed client demands for prepress and editorial services while maintaining the high standards the company is known for.

The company’s latest step in ensuring the stability and reliability of its services in a volatile industry was the transfer of 100% of the company’s ownership interests to an Employee Stock Ownership Plan in 2014. Giving employees an ownership stake was a logical step for a company that depends on the expertise of its staff to deliver the quality, responsiveness, and consistency that clients expect.


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