Electronic Workflow

Westchester Publishing Services has the ability to manage and traffic projects in a complete electronic environment. From manuscript creation through electronic copyediting and author review, files can be processed, updated, and ported into any of our various composition platforms. Whether we are using the latest version of Adobe® InDesign®, PTC Arbortext® (3B2), or LaTeX, we can meet the publisher’s needs for an all-electronic or XML workflow. A paperless workflow can be easily achieved via electronic delivery of proofs utilizing PDF and FTP technologies.

We have the expertise to work in XML from edit through to print and repurposing for electronic publication. We are highly trained in file conversion, and we can work with our client’s DTD or with an off-the-shelf XML solution.

We also handle conversion from final Adobe® InDesign® pages to ePub files for many of our clients.


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