We offer U.S.-based editorial and composition services. We have a very strong group of domestically based production editors working from our Danbury, Connecticut facility.

Each new book received by Westchester is assigned to one of our experienced production editors, with oversight by the production manager. The production editor handles all of the communication with the contact at the publisher, as well as with author(s), freelancers, and the composition group. This person is responsible for all stages of production and for maintaining the schedule.

In addition, the production editor is responsible for reviewing the copyedited manuscript, ascertaining that specifications are complete, working with the author, and selecting the proper copy editors, proofreaders, and indexers for the project. The production editor also works directly with the designer and with the art program.


Interior design services are available through our on-staff designer or through a pool of professional freelance designers we have worked with over the years. Whether we are adjusting an existing design, matching the design of a published book, or preparing an original design, our clients are always pleased with the results achieved by our design services.


From our large pool of experienced freelance editors we assign a copy editor whose experience best matches the project. The copy editor normally edits electronically in Word, but hardcopy editing is also an option, if requested. We have an editing sample prepared for approval by the publisher, to be sure that the level of editing is as required. A single copy editor typically edits the entire book so that consistency is maintained throughout the project, but we have experience handling large reference projects where supervising a team of copy editors is necessary to meet the schedule. The production editor reviews the copyedited manuscript and prepares it for additional stages, such as author review and composition.


Illustrations are critical to many of the books that our clients ask us to produce. Our production editors are very experienced in handling large art programs and in presenting the images in the most effective manner within the pages of the finished product. We carefully prepare an art log, assess the needs of the subjects, and arrange for sizing, scanning, correction, adjustments, and rendering as needed and as directed by the publisher.

Permissions, Fact Checking, and Photo Research

Working closely with the publisher’s guidelines and the needs of the individual project, our team can provide these services through the production editorial department or through our experienced freelance contacts. We match the resources to the size and requirements of the project to efficiently check, acquire, and verify as needed.


We maintain a list of highly qualified freelance proofreaders, should this service be requested. Proofreading usually takes place during the period when the author is reviewing first pages. The proofreader does a word-for-word read as well as reviewing the pages against the specifications and layouts. Any changes found during this step are held for the return of the original pages from the author and/or the publisher, and all the changes are reviewed and merged by the production editor.


Upon request, Westchester arranges for the preparation of indexes. We regularly build general subject, author, title, and other indexes that are requested. We use a group of professionals for this service, all of whom have been tested and approved.

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