We have a large staff of journals production editors handling a growing journals program. These editors are based in or managed from our Danbury office, and they manage all aspects of the work on journals, including copyediting, art program management, contact with contributors and editors-in-chief, composition, proofreading or proof checking, and final issue assembly. Special attention is paid to newly launched journals, with design services available.

Schedules are managed via a web-based database, where each stage of work is logged on the article-level as well as the issue-level. We are able to give our clients read-only access to our database so that they can look up their articles at any time.

Our journals workflow is XML-based, allowing for article-level (fast-tracked) uploads prior to final issue assembly as well as final XML storage for possible future use. We have experience uploading articles and issues to online aggregators and in writing programs to enable uploads to alternate sites.

We bring the same level of professionalism to our journals work as to the book work described here, and we offer services such as design, proofreading, annual indexing, art rendering, and management of ad placement. We interface with all printers to expedite publication deadlines and fulfillment.

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